Transproekt in recent years

In recent years TRANSPROEKT, as the author of all national railroad and water transport projects until 1989, has developed significant projects related to rehabilitation, reconstruction and modernization of the existing transport infrastructure. Several important for the country cross-border projects such as ferry complexes in Ruse, Oryahovo, Nikopol and Silistra were implemented under TRANSPROEKT designs. The intensity of the company’s workload is constant, regardless of the variable investment climate in the country, the EU funds, the development rate of private capital, etc.

After the successful privatization in 2001, TRANSPROEKT performed an organizational restructuring to adapt to the real market’s dynamics both home and abroad. Demands and responsibilities to design managers increased remarkably. International contacts with partner companies were activated, and several joint projects were developed with companies like the German ThyssenKrupp, Inros Lakner, Wirth, and Pöyry Infra GmbH, and the Swiss company Swietelsky.

Together with ThyssenKrupp were developed and implemented two unique for Bulgaria projects on the Danube River, under the management of TRANSPROEKT, “Sheet piling strengthening of the Danube River near Lom” and “New sheet piling quay wall in the port of Lom – south quay”, under severe engineering-geological conditions.


Transproject carried out a complex design of “Public Transport Port of Regional Importance – Port Logistics Center Varna, Beloslav”, Phase Preliminary Design with construction drawings to obtain Construction Permit for infrastructure and superstructure, and Detailed Design, covering a quay wall, coast reinforcement, pavements, constructions, architectural part with additional geological survey, hydrographic surveying, General Plan and Detailed Site Development Plan, etc.


Under contract between the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and TRANSPROEKT, the company has implemented, acting as consultant, the management of micro-projects financed under the project “Social Investments and Employment Promotion”, under the component “Initiatives for Development of Municipal Infrastructure”, for 16 sites in the South-Central Region of Bulgaria

Using the formula “engineering”– designing and construction, in 2009 TRANSPROEKT as a member of consortium, designed and managed the project for construction of “Open storage for containers” in port Varna West: 10th, 0st and 11th ship spots (berths).


TRANSPROEKT developed Master Plan, financial-economic analysis, and social analysis for “Port for Public Container Transport – Transit Trade Zone (TTZ) of Varna”.


TRANSPROEKT initiated involvement in the project “National Programme for Development of Ports for Public Transport 2008 – 2015”. A new preliminary Master Plan for container port at TTZ was developed, taking into account the recommendations of the updated master plans and EIA, as well as the preliminary draft of General Site Development Plan of the Municipality of Varna. Detailed geodesic survey, detailed engineering-geological and hydrogeological surveys, and the required technical solutions have been implemented

Investment Proposal was developed for “Port for Public Transport with Regional Importance for containers at TTZ Varna”, meeting the requirements of Law on Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria (the LMSIWPRB) – including Article 112 (d), including marketing, financial and economic assessment, technical solutions, and optimizing of the preliminary developed Master Plan.

TRANSPROEKT initiated submission of documents and start of the procedure under Article 112 (d) of the LMSIWPRB, by drafting and assembling the necessary documents and assisted the investor in conducting the correspondence.