About us

TRANSPROEKT is a leading engineering company in Bulgaria, established in 1948, specialized in research, design and project management of complex projects, as well as a wide range of transport and civil engineering projects. The company provides complex engineering.

TRANSPROEKT performs its activities through structural units for operational management, including: Ports and Port Terminals; Geological and Hydrogeological studies; Railway Construction, Railway Transport Electrification and Automation.

Its machine fleet of drilling rigs allows a wide range of geological and hydrogeological studies.

Highly Qualified Staff

TRANSPROEKT has highly qualified leading experts for its activities: design engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, low and high current engineers, communications engineers, water supply engineers, HVAC engineers, fortification engineers, logistics staff and technologists, geodesists, geologic engineer, geophysicists, economists, port design engineers, etc.

Eng. Georgi Parvanov

Eng. Georgi Parvanov


Automatic Data Processing

TRANSPROEKT is well equipped with hardware and software for automated processing of data and solving a wide range of technical problems, as well as geodetic instruments for geodetic processing, geophysical equipment, etc.

Participation in international projects

TRANSPROEKT has participated in the research and design of a number of projects abroad. This activity covers countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Laos, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc.